What makes CPM different?  

CPM founder Mark Baker has been involved in the commercial playground industry as a manufacturer and consultant for over 25 years.  As an ASTM board member, he helped draft the 1999 CPSC and ASTM revisions for commercial playgrounds. Mark has conducted numerous classes training others on how to complete full playground inspections. 

We’re more than playground safety inspectors!

We also repair and replace components and full systems.  Our trained installation staff can replace anything from rusted swing components to damaged slides, decks, access steps and more.  We also specialize in safety surfacing maintenance, playground equipment maintenance and shade system maintenance. 

Other services include new rubber surfacing, new playground shade systems, new playground structures, and new site amenities.  We offer turnkey services that includes demolition of existing structures and surfacing, grading where needed, drainage, sidewalks and all types of sports equipment. 

We are your one-stopshop!

Under contract with Complete Playground Maintenance, you’ll never have to worry about your playgrounds being unsafe or unmaintained ever again. 

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