Certified Playground Safety Inspections

Our team of inspectors will identify current or potential hazards, document problems and present practical repair solutions.

We offer yearly inspection services by certified CPSI inspectors.  The inspections will identify any non-compliant items on your play areas and play structures.  The electronic and written reports will help to keep your playground safe for years to come. 

Along with the reports we will also give you quotes for any repair work required to bring your play areas into Federal compliance.  We can help you develop yearly maintenance budgets, determine remaining playground life expectancy and keep you up to date on any new playground safety laws. This information is critical in case of an accident to show that you are prudent in your attempts to maintain your play spaces.   

We offer 3 or 5 year contracts at a reduced rate. 

Sign up for a three or five year inspection contract and get your first CPSI full inspection for free!